Its Fall Time – Hooray!!!




Pumpkin spice, apple pie, knit scarves, crisp mornings…..that’s right, folks! Autumn has arrived!

In the passed 2 years Fall has kinda sucked for me. The first year with Rach she didn’t get the concept at all, we didn’t take her pumpkin picking, she didn’t trick or treat, and when we tried to get a Halloween picture of her she fell off the couch mid photo and got rug burn on her poor nose. Last year, we went pumpkin picking and trick or treating, Rachel sorta got into it and Emily didn’t know why she was dressed like a lion. We did Wizard of Oz theme for Halloween. Rachel was Dorothy (naturally), Emily was the Cowardly Lion (even though she’s anything but!), Momma was the Scarecrow, and Daddy was Tin-man. Rachel didn’t understand who she was suppose to be she hadn’t seen the Wizard of Oz, so she had no way to associate.

THIS YEAR! We’ve been pumping Rachel up for Halloween this year. She has decided she wants to be Elsa this year, and for Emily to be Anna, Momma is Kristoff and Daddy is……SVEN!! Yup, Halloween should be fun this year!!

We’ve also been pumping up Rachel for apple picking, she asks at least once a day if we can go – sometimes she asks as many as five……But the point is, that I think Rachel will really get into it this year, and Emily models after her sister so I think she should have a good time too.

Rachel and Emily had gone on the hayride last October to the pumpkin patch at our local tree farm. They haven’t been on anything similar since then….The girls wont even get on Daddy’s tractor (Zero-turn lawn mower…) Emily did earlier this year but I think she freaks out now because Rach does. So that should be interesting to experience with them this year….Wish us luck!!!!

Life with Toddlers – summed up

A short story of something that just happened….

I was i the kitchen prepping dinner and my youngest kept pestering me and I kept insisting that she go play with her sister.

A few minutes later, Rachel, my oldest, came strolling in the kitchen and wanted to place a sticker on my nose and I thanked her excitedly. We both went about our business until I heard little pitter pattering behind me….Emily had come back in the kitchen very timidly and slowly showed me a sticker that was stuck to her finger. I swept her up in a moment…..she just wanted some attention from me and when she saw Rachel get it by giving me a sticker, Em brought me one too.

Just warmed my heart.

Rain, heat, and toddlers

This summer has sucked. Nothing but rain, and when its not raining its like a million degrees. So I’ve been stuck inside all summer pretty much with two toddlers. I don’t have a car so being able to go somewhere is out of the question.

I’m running out of ideas to keep these kiddies happy. We read the same books day in and day out, sometimes more than once. We play sesame street, watch sesame street, watch peppa pig, color in the peppa pig coloring book, write the alphabet, spell our name on the alphabet board……lets just say its the same thing everyday. Now, nothings wrong with routine but when your playing with the SAME FREAKING TOYS it gets to you.

I try to do arts and crafts or play dough but its hard because Emily is still only 18 months and she doesn’t understand that you cant eat the arts and crafts. Also it just ends up making a huge mess and then I have to try to get the ids to occupy themselves while I clean up the mess and that takes longer then the activity lasted.

My husband is no help either, he’s currently home all the time and he doesnt spend alot of time with the kids. When he is around he’s trying to watch youtube while sitting in the chair and wonders why the kids are pining for attention.

My mother-in-law wonders why they “run around like banshees”….Hello! There 18 & 30 months old trapped inside all day with no new friends or toys…waddya expect.


Anyway, rant over.


If you have any heat busting fun ideas I’d love to here ’em!!


Homemade Chocolate Syrup – Made with HONEY!!

Chocolate syrup.jpg

Are you looking for a yummy, kid friendly, sugar free way to get your kid to drink more milk?? Honey, have I got a recipe for you, a scrumptious syrup made with, well…. HONEY!

It takes no time to make but it is an amazing thing to have in your fridge. Not only can you use it to make chocolate milk for your kids, but you can put it on pancakes, over some Greek yogurt, even in your coffee!! Possibilities are endless.

Here is the recipe, I make it in small batches so if you want the recipe to make more just double the recipe. Also, nothing is set in stone, I do add some maple syrup in this recipe, if you don’t have it or don’t want to use it no biggie just use more honey to make up the sweetness.


1/2 Cup Water

2/3 Cup Honey

1/2 Cup Unsweetened Cocoa

1 Tbs Maple Syrup

1 tsp Vanilla


Combine the water and honey in a medium sauce pan until the honey has dissolved. Sift cocoa into a bowl to get rid of the clumps, then whisk into honey mixture until its fully combined. Add maple syrup and vanilla and remove from the heat. Let it cool slightly before putting into a storage vessel.

That’s it! Simple right? I store it in a mason jar and stick it right in the fridge to chill. Don’t ask me how long it keeps in the fridge, it doesn’t last long enough to go bad in my house, it barley lasts a week!



Let me know what you think, I’ll be glad to here from you!

First Blog Post #nervous


My name is Rebekah! I am a mom of two small toddlers (Rachel and Emily) spaced 13 months apart. My husband is a hardworking man, a loving husband, and a wonderful father!! All while trying his best to make a life were I can stay at home with our children and raise them. Due to some unforeseen events in our life we are currently taking up residence with my in-laws…. to say the least, life is quite interesting at the moment.

My goal is to be able to home-school my girls until they reach Middle school. I have always dreamed of being able to home-school my kids just like I was. However; my husband and I feel it’s best to let them experience Middle-school and High school in a public school because there are just life lessons that can’t be learned at home.

I make a lot of “Home-made fun” for my kids because I am usually at home with them by myself while my husbands at work. So, to keep from going insane we come up with a lot of our own games and activities. Recently Rachel (my 2 year old who is the oldest) has been starting some “homeschooling” activities. It mostly consists of reviewing ABC’s and 123’s, I have some worksheets that I created by just using a marker and some papers, I keep originals and make copies for my daughter to use. I am looking for a more economical way of doing things so I’m not wasting as much paper and ink.

A little bit about my kids: Rachel is 2 1/2, she is a very smart kid (doesn’t every parent say that about their kid??). She is very temperamental at times and a real sweetheart. She loves Reading, elephants, Elsa, ice cream cones (pronounced “ahcan-toe”) and counting to 20. Emily is 18 months, she is a little chub butt! She LOVES to eat. Cheese, crackers, bananas, caramelized onions……..You name it, she eats it. She is also a big lovebug and quiet smart herself!

So, like any bored/lonely/stir-crazy stay-at-home-mom I decided to start a blog!!! As if life wasn’t hectic enough, lets take pictures of it and document it so other people know how crazy we are too!!!!! I plan on sharing my family’s adventures in homeschooling, cooking, fun at-home activities, and whatever else life throws our way.


Well that’s all for now folks!